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Over 4 Million People Visit Sydney Each Year – But Most Don't Know About the Unique Scuba Diving Sydney Offers

Sydney not only has world-famous landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, but it also boasts amazing diving opportunities that are often overlooked by scuba divers who travel to Australia. If you're planning a trip to Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, be sure to check out Sydney's unique dive spots!

Cronulla in the south to Shelly Beach at Manly in the north, there are plenty of options for diving right off the shore or from a boat. Just 15 minutes from Sydney’s airport is one of the world's most weedy seadragon-inhabited dive sites. The waters around Sydney Harbour are home to a whopping huge variety of amazing marine life that you can only find in Sydney! So if an amazing scuba experience interests you, be sure to put Sydney on your list!


Is Sydney suitable for diving?

Absolutely! Sydney diving offers macro wonders and some of the best diving sites accessible as an easy shore dive. You can find everything from pygmy pipefish to giant cuttlefish, Port Jackson sharks or wobbegongs in waters around Sydney. Dive with dolphins in the crystal blue ocean or even take a night dive and experience the marine life that comes out after dark.

With year-round temperate weather and visibility ranging up to 15 meters in some spots, Sydney is a diving holiday destination you don’t want to miss! So don’t overlook diving in Sydney for your next diving holiday – you won’t regret it!

Dive Sites in Sydney

No matter where you stay while in Sydney, there are plenty of great dive sites to explore nearby. From Cronulla in the south to Shelly beach at Manly in the north, every corner of the coastline boasts excellent options for divers of all levels. Boat dives allow access to deeper areas not otherwise accessible from shore - like Magic Point and its famous grey nurse sharks! So if you're a fan of offshore or boat dives, rest assured knowing there is something for everyone at Sydney's fantastic dive sites! For those interested in Technical diving, Sydney also offers deep wreck dives worth exploring.

Double Boat Dive at Sydney

Top 7 dive sites for a diving holiday in Sydney

If you are holidaying in Sydney, then here is a dive site for every day of the week.

1. Bare Island

Located at the mouth of Botany Bay, Bare Island is one of the most popular shore dives in Sydney. The waters around the island are home to various marine life, including fish, seadragons, cuttlefish, turtles, and rays. A bridge connects the Island to the mainland, offering several shore dives with numerous entry points.

2. Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is a great dive site for beginners. The beach has calm waters and a sandy bottom, making it ideal for those who are new to diving. Additionally, the beach is home to a variety of colourful fish and sponges.

3. Magic Point

Magic Point is a boat dive offering a chance to dive with a range of sharks. The site typically has excellent water visibility, big schools of fish, and grey nurse, Port Jackson and wobbegong sharks.

4. Henry Head

A boat dive to one of the most pristine and colourful sponge gardens. The sponge gardens are the home of seadragons, frogfish and rare red Indian fish. Magic Point and Henry Head can often be done as a combined double-boat dive.

5. The Steps at Kurnell.

This is a shore dive which almost guarantees weedy sea dragons. The site also has colourful sponge gardens and very large bull rays. The Steps combined with the Leap make a great double dive.

6. Oak Park

Oak Park is a massive dive site offering which has a maximum depth of 11m. But you can see the vast array of the area sea life at this one location. Oak Park is particularly popular with divers for its very friendly blue groper. This site is so massive we recommend a dive guide for any tourist.

7.  The Apartments

Divers will explore tunnels and boulders blanketed with an array of sea life, enjoying some of the best visibility in all of Sydney. You might even catch a glimpse of one (or more!) of the resident grey nurse shark. Schools containing thousands upon thousands of Southern Promfret temporarily gather here, making this spot especially memorable.

Many divers don't know about the weedy seadragons.

A lesser-known activity in Sydney, scuba diving with weedy seadragons, is a must for any recreational diver visiting the area. One of the most significant concentrations of Weedy seadragons is found at the entrance to Botany Bay in waters near Sydney Airport and many tourists don't realize that they can dive with them without having to go far from shore. Although they may look strange at first glance, these creatures are closely related to seahorses but free-swimming and have leaf-like appendages. They're also much more personable than their relatives. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience during your visit to Sydney, be sure not to miss out on diving with seadragons!

Sydneys Weedy sea dragon

The giant cuttlefish around Sydney excite most divers.

Encountering the world's largest cuttlefish on a dive is an exciting experience. With their impressive size and vibrant colours, they make a great subject to scuba dive and photograph. It's not uncommon for divers exploring the reefs around Sydney to come across these creatures, which can grow up to 1 meter in length and weigh up to 10 kg.

For a truly exhilarating scuba diving experience, look no further than giant cuttlefish! Watching them hunt is an unforgettable sight. Using their tentacles equipped with suction cups, they capture any hapless creature that crosses their path - making for one exciting dive!

These giant Cephalopoda are an amazing sight and a great reminder of the wonders of our oceans. They're a unique species that scuba divers from all over the world come to see, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! It's sure to be an unforgettable experience. So if you are in Sydney between April and September, plan to go diving with the giant cuttlefish- you won't regret it!

Cuttlefish at Oak Park

Sydney offers the opportunity to dive with grey nurse sharks.

Sydney is one of the best places in the world to go shark diving. There are a variety of different species of sharks that can be found in the waters around Sydney, including grey nurse, port Jackson, and wobbegong sharks. Each species has its own unique behaviours and characteristics, making for an exciting and educational diving experience. Shark diving is also a great way to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. Whether you're an experienced diver or a newly certified open-water diver, there's a shark dive that's perfect for you. So come on down to Sydney and check out our amazing sharks!

Grey Nurse at Magic Point

If you're interested in scuba diving, add it to your list when visiting Sydney.

Sydney is one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations, and for a good reason. The city offers a great mix of culture, cuisine, and natural beauty. And if you're a scuba diver, then make sure you include diving near the top of your list of planned activities.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, there are plenty of options for scuba diving in Sydney. If you're starting out, there are plenty of dive centres that offer beginners' courses that will teach you the basics and help you get comfortable underwater. Once you're certified, you can start exploring the many dive locations around Sydney, where you'll find an incredible variety of fish, colourful sponges and other marine life.

Sydney is a renowned scuba diving destination, offering divers the opportunity to see a wide variety of marine life. Many people don't know that there are plenty of amazing dive sites in Sydney. In addition to the weedy seadragons, divers can also expect to see sharks, blue groper, and other fascinating marine creatures. If you're interested in adding a Sydney dive trip to your travel plans, make sure to book with Abyss Scuba Diving. We are located just 15 minutes from the airport and offer dives for all experience levels. So don't miss out on this unique opportunity – book today!

Experience Sydney's unique underwater landscape today! With its vast array of marine life and spectacular dive locations, there is something for everyone in Sydney. Whether you're a beginner diver or an experienced pro, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the depths of the oceans. Book your next scuba diving adventure with Abyss Scuba Diving – we are located close to the Airport and Sydney's best diving!